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The Process


The simple explanation of kiln formed (fused) glass is that it is made in a kiln.  But of course, it is more complicated than that.  The glass must be compatible so that when I heat and cool it in the kiln it doesn’t break.  I only use Bullseye Glass.  Bullseye has an impressive array of colors and high quality glass.

Design is an important element in the process.  Will the piece be primarily decorative, such as a sculpture?  Or is it to be a functional, food-safe piece like a tray or bowl.  


Once I have cut all the piece of glass I need for the two base layers, it goes into the kiln for the initial fusing.  Through a schedule of controlled temperature changes often reaching 1475 degrees, the glasses soften and fuse together. 

 Once cooled, I may add more components to the pieces and repeat the fusing process up to six times.  I may choose to change the shape by putting the piece back in the kiln in a mold and heat it again at lower temperatures to soften the glass so it will assume the shape of the mold, such as for a bowl.

There are many other techniques that can be used to create a unique piece.   Designing the piece with a client opens up a world of possibilities.


Sculpture Stands

Each stand is handcrafted from recycled and new steel in Tigard, Oregon  by artist Doug Newport. 

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